niedziela, 2 czerwca 2013

Nail design

There are certain colors out there that always supplement an outfit or help bring out the color that is just next to it. Well, we are talking about pink and black. These are the colors that best complement each other. Think now of these colors on your nails for nail art design. Doesn’t that look cute? Of course it does.
These color combination is so hot hence mostly used in glamorous events such as weddings, parties among other red-carpet events. The combination gives a classic look since they are among the cutest of all. They are such a beautiful scene to behold. I’m afraid you’ll be addicted to them once you try them out. They will keep you in the competitive edge in the nail fashion industry.
It is amazing how this color combination works out for many patterns. You can choose your favorite patterns to apply on your nails in order to complement the party or casual look. There are more than enough designs to choose from and you may even be spoilt for choice. For instance, you may decide to have one of the colors painted on the nail tip while the other color fills the rest part of the nail. Simple but cute. Think also about the dotted floral pattern. Let one of the colors be the base color. Then, draw some beautiful dots with the other color. For a perfect look, let the dots be evenly distributed. Dot size will be determined by your preference, but medium ones are more cute.
If you are a fun of alternative nail art and you would love to try your hand in attention grabbing designs, then all you need is to choose your favorite design and team it with a black and pink combination. Your nails will be are perfectly cute. Why not try now?